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Схема аэропорта Домодедово VIP-зал и ЦДА (Центр деловой авиации)

Sheremetyevo VIP lounges

Sheremetyevo VIP services

Sheremetyevo Airport is one of the largest air traffic hubs in Moscow and an important federal and international air link. There are 6 operating terminals there and their modern infrastructure meets the world standards of passengers and airline service quality.


Passengers who value their time and appreciate comfort above all things can take advantage of the VIP services provided by Sheremetyevo airport and even the longest journey will not be so tedious.

Domestic flights are served by Sheremetyevo D and Sheremetyevo B VIP lounges, international flights are served by Shremetyevo D, E, F and C VIP lounges.

Sheremetyevo VIP service includes priority pass through passport and customs control, check in and baggage check –in in a comfortable VIP lounge, individual transfer to the aircraft (accompanied by our representative). The arriving passengers baggage is delivered to the lounge zone exit.

In Sheremetyevo airport VIP lounges you can find everything you need for rest, work and for business negotiations. Beautiful interior design, calm atmosphere and excellent work of the employees are the guarantee of the pleasant and productive way to spend time. While waiting for the flights the passengers can use meeting rooms which are equipped by the means of communications and where they can use different office equipment and get access to the Internet. Also the passengers can get daily press, information on weather conditions and flights there. Moreover, there are bars, restaurants and souvenir shops in the Sheremetyevo VIP lounges. Sheremetyevo VIP lounge also provides a high quality service and security.