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Pulkovo Airport of St. Petersburg will turn one of its heated garages into a temporary passenger terminal during Football World Cup in 2018. It will be done to meet FIFA traffic capacity requirements for international flights, director for aircraft service of Pulkovo operator company Northern Capital Gateway LLC Vladimir Minyakin said at the Ground Handling Russia & CIS 2016 conference.
Currently the airport hourly traffic capacity on international flights is 1,000 passengers including both arrivals and departures. With no capability to momentarily boost it, Pulkovo had to come up with a temporary solution. “We opted for turning a heated garage for snow cleaning vehicles into a terminal. It is located within the airside area and will be able to accommodate at least 50 passport control counters,” Minyakin says. The site’s dimensions are 127 x 25 m.
The solution to arrange an auxiliary terminal inside the garage will help satisfy another FIFA requirement, which is to keep football fans of opposing teams apart. Moreover, fans coming on charter flight are to be serviced separately from regular passengers.
All details with Russia’s customs and border guard services have already been settled. It is a bright and modern building with walk-through gates, which will allow to easily manage the flows, Minyakin explained. The baggage claim area will have luggage racks as Northern Capital Gateway thinks there is no point in installing the baggage carousels. “The experience of our colleagues from Vienna shows that football fans on charter flights usually do not have much luggage as they are arriving for a short period of time, i.e. a football game,” Minyakin stresses out.
Check Point 5 will be equipped with a temporary metal-detection gateway, which will be able to process fans in organized groups.
Generally, Pulkovo will focus on three main groups of passengers arriving to St. Petersburg for 2018 FIFA World Cup. Apart from charter flights passengers, there will be VIP-guests and team delegations. The second group will be serviced in the 120-seat VIP-lounge with the flow capacity of 160 passenger per hour. “It will be operating as a separate check point for international flights. All preliminary work and negotiations are being finalized,” Minyakin adds.
The third group includes FIFA officials, mass media, as well as guests arriving on regular flights. They all will be streamed through the central passenger terminal, which will be operating normally during 2018 World Cup. Northern Capital Gateway points out its infrastructure will be sufficient to deal with the task. Particularly, the terminal has 88 check-in counters, 110 passport control booths, seven baggage carousels and 37 boarding gates (16 of them equipped with jet-bridges).
In summer 2018 St. Petersburg will host seven football games. The highest passenger traffic and thus peak loads for the airport are expected two days prior to and one day after each game.