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The Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia) General Director launched on Sunday the new Fursan lounge in hall 5 for internal flights at King Khalid International Airport (KKIA) in Riyadh.
Saudi Airlines General Director Saleh Al-Jasser said the lounge is equipped with the latest standards for sophisticated services to the VIP guests of the airlines.
“The lounge is available for passengers with Fursan golden card, Fursan silver card, first class passengers and business class passengers. The lounge consists of a reception, business center, general sitting area, lounging area and a dining area,” said Al-Jasser.
He added the design of the lounge matches the color schemes and designs of the Saudi Airlines and its ground and aerial services.
“I was asked by journalists about how the Saudi Airlines are doing with the current austerity measures and slow economy. I replied to them saying that the Kingdom has gone through tougher times and our economy will persevere,” said Al-Jasser.
He also said all countries in the world go through recessions and bounce back from it.
“We can get through this period with careful planning, positive cooperation and good planning. We can work towards the 2030 vision and achieve great national reforms. The airline aims to develop its fleet, raise the quality of operation and enhance its services,” said Al-Jasser.
He added the airline aims to increase the capacity of planes, increase the number of internal flights and open new international travel venues.
“The airline will receive 30 new airplanes by 2017. It has already received had 16 percent more airplanes in 2016 than in 2015,” said Al-Jasser.