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Etihad Airways’ new route connecting Mumbai and New York City via Abu Dhabi has the distinction of having the most expensive ticket in the world for a commercial scheduled flight.
A one-way ticket on its private luxurious suite, The Residence, costs around Rs 25 million, or about US$38,000.
This isn’t a new distinction for Etihad. The national carrier of the United Arab Emirates has broken its own record, which was first held for the flight on its New York City-Abu Dhabi route, where a seat on The Residence cost about $32,000.
Is the price worth it? The Residence, the only-three room private cabin offered by a commercial airline, is the most luxurious way to fly. The 125-square feet suite includes a bedroom, a shower room, and a lounge area for up to two guests. The Residence is only available in Etihad Airways’ 496-seater Airbus A380, the world’s largest passenger plane.
Etihad operates seven A380s, each with a different version of The Residence. Mumbai has become the fifth destination where it operates A380s, apart from London, New York, Sydney and Abu Dhabi. With the launch of the Mumbai-Abu Dhabi route, Etihad is also introducing its Airbus A380 in India. The airlines will be running one daily flight from Mumbai-Abu Dhabi and vice-versa.
The living room has a 32-inch flat-screen LCD TV, a reclining leather double sofa and two dining tables.
Guests are pampered by a personal butler, and are allowed to customise their in-flight dining menus and dietary requirements before travelling. Meals are served on bespoke 24-carat gold plated porcelain tableware and cutlery, with signature crystal glassware.
The bedroom houses a 27-inch TV monitor, a double bed with designer Italian linen and an ensuite bathroom with a full-height shower, bathroom amenities and a vanity unit.
The ticket also includes luxury chauffeuring to and from the airport, a VIP attaché on the ground, private check-in and lounge, and a personal concierge to make travel bookings.