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Схема аэропорта Домодедово VIP-зал и ЦДА (Центр деловой авиации)

Domodedovo VIP lounges

Domodedovo VIP services

Moscow Domodedovo Airport is the largest airport of Russia in terms of passenger traffic. Domodedovo Airport is situated 45 km south-east from the center of Moscow. Airport was founded in 1962, since 1966 the airport serves regular passenger flights.

In 1999-2000 the airport complex was completely reconstructed, and from 2004 till 2008 there was the total expansion of the terminal area.

Domodedovo Airport has two unique for the Moscow region runways spaced from each other by 2 km, this allows for simultaneous on both bands takeoffs and landings at the same time.


In 2011 Domodedovo airport was recognized as the best one in Eastern Europe and became the winner of the World Airport Awards.

There are two options for serving the VIP passengers in Terminal:

Domodedovo airport also has its own Business lounges, which serve domestic and international flights. For economy passengers VIP lounge service is available on request (pre-booking).

Since 2015 Domodedovo VIP lounge doesn’t provide service of passport and customs control for international flights’ passengers. Now the VIP passengers accompanied by the airport representative pass airport formalities through general points with priority access.

As for BAC, there is service for passing all formalities in the lounge area.