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In spite of the fact that the volume of passengers’ traffic at the Vnukovo airport is less than at the largest Moscow airports such as Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo, nevertheless, Vnukovo is a significant Russian air hub.
The highest leaders of the State and the representatives of the management of Moscow usually use Vnukovo airport terminals.

Adultdep. / arr.$225+ $30
Children from 2 to 12 yearsdep. / arr.$112+ $0
Children under 2 yearsdep. / arr.$0+ $0
dep. / arr.$225+ $30
dep. / arr.$33+ $0

The services provided by Vnukovo VIP lounge are equal to the best European airports’ services and include:

Additional service: taxi booking, baggage packing.

Vnukovo airport VIP lounge is located in the separate building and serves international and domestic flights (arrival and departure).


It is necessary to book a pass in advance to have a car access to the Vnukovo airport VIP lounge parking area.
Making your order, you need to provide us with the car numbers not later than one hour before your arrival to the airport VIP parking zone.


It is recommended to be in the airport not later than 1,5 hours before your fight. When you arrive, pass to the VIP lounge check-in counters, where the VIP -zone employees will help you to fill in the customs declaration. Than the customs officers will inspect your baggage and after that you can check-in. Your boarding pass and passport remain in the hands of customs officers till boarding. You can stay in our comfortable waiting lounge or in any other places of the VIP area while waiting for the boarding.


The attendants are recommended to be at the airport at least 40 minutes before plane’s arrival. In order to stay in the VIP lounge it is necessary to provide the VIP zone employee with the name, last name of a passenger and the flight number. Only VIP lounge dispatcher has an access to the transit zone. He meets passengers at a gangway with a sign in his hand and receives baggage coupons. Please remember, there are some rules according to which the passengers can leave the transit zone only accompanied by the VIP zone employee. Entering the VIP lounge, go to check-in counter and give your passport to the border guard officer. He can ask to scan the carry-on bag through x ray machine. If it is required (If the passengers have something subject to declaration) they need to fill in the customs declaration. After all formalities the passengers can have a rest in our VIP lounge zone and enjoy any of the abovementioned services, while waiting the baggage.