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A new VIP lounge works on the 3rd floor of Terminal A.

Among the privileges provided to the clients are free parking space in the VIP-zone, separate check-in counters, delivery of the passengers to / from the gangway by minibus.

The clients of VIP lounge can use the separate entrance to the Terminal and they are provided with baggage and carry-on bag delivery service.

Adultdep. / arr.$247+ $32
Children from 2 to 12 yearsdep. / arr.$123+ $0
Children under 2 yearsdep. / arr.$0+ $0
dep. / arr.$247+ $32
dep. / arr.$37+ $0

Terminal A VIP lounge guests can use the following services:


For an access to the VIP-parking, please call our round-the-clock support 20 minutes before your arrival to the airport or it’s possible to come into the VIP lounge, leaving the car at the parking which is at the terminal square.
Please note, that there is no access to the VIP lounge from the departure gate zone area.


The passengers can check-in for a flight not later than 40 minutes before departure, unless stated otherwise in the Carrier’s rules.

After check-in the passengers pass to the VIP lounge, where they can stay till boarding.

While staying there the passengers can use the following services:

The passengers will be personally invited for passing preflight formalities (customs, passport control and inspection procedures) and will be accompanied to the 2nd floor of the airport. After passing all necessary formalities in general order, the VIP lounge representative will take the passengers to the gates by electric car, or to the aircraft by individual transport. Check-in counters are located in the meeting area of the VIP lounge zone.


Our representative meets the passenger at the gangway with the "VIP terminal A" sign or with the name of a client on it on the customer’s request and accompanies to the arrival lounge. The passengers of the local air lines go through passport control.

The passengers stay in the VIP lounge till the baggage is delivered. After baggage delivery the passengers go through customs.

While staying in the VIP lounge the passengers can use the following services:

Please note, that the passengers can stay in the VIP lounge till departure (as for domestic flights only after passport control).