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The international Terminal E of the Sheremetyevo airport was opened in 2010. Terminal E unifies Terminals D, F and Aeroexpress railway station into an integrated South Terminal Complex (STC). The terminals are connected by means of pedestrian galleries equipped with travolators, which allows the passengers to move freely and conveniently around the complex.

In December of the same year in the Terminal E St. Nicholas Chapel which settles down on the 2nd floor, at an exit from the railway terminal Aeroexpress is open. Also St.Nikholas Chapel was opened in December of the same year on the second floor at the exit of the Aeroexpress railways station.

Adult (one people on the flight)dep. / arr.$371$439
Adult (2 people on the flight)dep. / arr.$356$439
Adult (3 people on the flight)dep. / arr.$351$439
Personal accompanying for a group of 3 peopledep. / arr.$19$0

Terminal E VIP lounge is located on the 2nd floor opposite to "Sbrerbank of Russia" and there is one common lounge for departure and arrival.

It offers the following services:


An airport representative meets the passengers at the boarding bridge or at the gangway with a sign “VIP” in his hands (in case of a plane stop on the maneuverable field, the VIP passengers are provided with an individual transport to the air terminal). Please note, that there is no names on the sign of the airport representative, so the passengers should come to the representative and tell the name. When all the passengers are gathered, they pass to the passport and customs control points. Then the passengers are accompanied to the VIP-lounge and they stay till the baggage reclaim. The passengers can’t leave the transit zone by themselves (it is strictly prohibited). Please note if the passenger can’t find our representative he should inform (call) our office at once. The passengers can stay in the lounge area, while waiting their baggage. Those who meet passengers can also stay in our lounge area, saying the name and the flight of a passenger at the entrance. Please note that the baggage delivery from the aircraft to the VIP-lounge is not included to the services and at an additional charge.


The recommended arrival time at the airport is 1,5 hours prior to departure, as check-in ends 40 minutes before scheduled departure. At the entrance please say your name, last name, flight number. After that the passengers go through passport and customs control, if it is necessary fill in the customs declaration. Then they pass to check-in counters, take the tickets and baggage coupons. The passengers and those who accompany them can stay in our comfortable lounge area while waiting for the boarding. A VIP-lounge employee will inform the passengers about boarding and accompany to the general hall for going through passport control and preflight inspection (aviation safety). After that the passengers are accompanied to the boarding bridge or to the gangway by individual transport (if the aircraft is far from the terminal). The passengers can pass to the transit zone to buy something in duty free shops (only if the flight is from the terminal F).