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We invite you to enjoy the services which are provided by the VIP-lounge of the Moscow Domodedovo airport.

Thanks to the high quality of services provided this airport has the status of a leader in the national market of passengers’ transportation.

Domodedovo is the only Russian airport with infrastructure that provides the receipt and departure of almost all types of aircrafts.

Domodedovo VIP lounge for meetings is located on the 1st floor in the left part of the airport, to the right side from the International Departures Lounge. Please, use entrance #2.

Adultdep. / arr.$320+ $18
Children from 6 to 12 yearsdep. / arr.$160+ $9
Adultdeparture$70+ $0
Adultdeparture$65+ $0
Children from 2 to 12 yearsdeparture$33+ $0
Adultdep. / arr.$28+ $0
Children under 2 yearsdep. / arr.$0+ $0
Children under 6 yearsdep. / arr.$0+ $0
Children under 2 yearsdeparture$0+ $0
Children under 2 yearsdeparture$0+ $0

Domodedovo airport is one of the top 3 airports in the Eastern Europe according to Skytrax and was considered as the best airport in CIS countries in 2008 according to the Association of Civil Aviation.

Domodedovo airport offers European quality of VIP service. Apart from the impeccable service, we also offer additional services for the guests who choose the highest level of comfort.

The list of Domodedovo airport VIP services:


The passengers of the international flights are accompanied by the representative of the VIP-lounge to the separate passport control booths outside the VIP lounge area.
The VIP passengers’ priority remains.


The recommended arrival time at the airport is 1 hour prior to departure, as check-in ends 40 minutes before scheduled departure. At the entrance please say your name, last name, flight number and go to the VIP check-in counter. The employees will help you to fill in the customs declaration. While going through customs, the customs officer can inspect your baggage. After that you can check-in. Your boarding pass and passport remain in the hands of the passport control officer till boarding. You can wait for your boarding (usually starts 30 minutes before the flight) in our comfortable waiting lounge. The VIP-lounge representative will accompany you to the gangway and wish you a good flight.


The attendants are recommended to be at the airport at least 30-40 minutes before plane’s arrival. In order to stay in the VIP lounge it is necessary to provide the VIP-zone employee with the name, last name of a passenger and the flight number. The VIP-lounge dispatcher has an access to the transit zone (or to the airfield) where he meets passengers with a nameplate in his hands. Please give him the baggage coupon as from this moment our representative is responsible for your baggage. According to the rules of the airport, the passengers can’t leave the transit zone or the airfield by themselves, please follow the VIP-lounge representative. Entering the VIP-lounge, give your passport to the border guard officer for check-in . He can ask to scan your carry-on bag through X ray machine. If it is required (If the passengers have something subject to declaration, including cash) they need to fill in the customs declaration. After all formalities the passengers can have a rest in our VIP-lounge zone and enjoy any of the abovementioned services, while waiting their baggage. Delivery of a baggage is included to the Domodedovo Airport VIP-services.